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Photo by Pesamino Tili

UIKE KĀTOANGA'I 'O E LEA FAKATONGA (Happy Tongan Language Week)

Pesamino Tili —

MALO E LELEI! (Greetings!)

In honour of Tongan language week students in our Kavanagh Maori and Pasifika Cultural Group have been wearing Tupenu (Lavalava), extra red and traditional Tongan attire.

A flag of the Kingdom of Tonga was raised at the beginning of the week, Elani and Susana Mafi in the junior school have been making resources to promote their beautiful language. Mr Hola has been sending out language tips and resources throughout the week, and he also prayed a blessing using his mother tongue over the food, at a special lunch where non Tongan students and staff experienced white bread and ice cream for the first time! Personally I have to say it was a delicious experience which may start a new tradition in my own family.

At our school we have at least 20 students and two staff members who are of Tongan descent.