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Hybrid Learning

Kate Nicholson —

The omicron variant has brought with it a new term for educators "Hybrid Learning".

We are beginning to trial this type of learning in classes at the moment so as to be ready for when we have groups of staff and students learning and working from home while others are working and learning in the classrooms onsite.

Primarily, our Google Classroom learning platform will be our vehicle for teaching and learning, so we encourage you to check that your child's chromebook and laptop and home internet is again ready for moving to online learning instantly as needed (please let us know asap if your have any issues with these).

We can see that to be effective with this learning while physically onsite, students will need to have a pair of earphones with them at all times that plug into their devices, and preferably ones that will act as a microphone too. We do not want you to spend a lot of money on these - a basic set will be perfectly adequate. We know that most of our young people already have these but if they would prefer to leave their AirPods at home, buying a cheap pair for school is advised.We will be sure to give you more detail about hybrid learning as we move closer to this model.