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Special Character Reflection

Maliza and Pippa —

Good morning all

Today we are going to base our reflection on the mission of Catherine McAuley. Below is a short reflection on Catherine McAuley whose work continues to impact us even within the society we live in today.

Catherine McAuley was an Irish Catholic religious sister who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Catherine dedicated her life to caring for the poor, especially children and women. The house of Mercy, which she opened, was built as a facility for Catherine to be able to house and educate poor children and women. Guided by God and a keen sense of God-given purpose, Catherine was determined to use her large inheritance for the relief of the poor by offering shelter and education to those who needed it the most. One of Catherine's first missions was to Catholic girls, then destitute women, because many were being treated poorly. However even before this, Catherine was educating girls to the point where she opened up orphanages to be able to protect them. One quality that stands out the most within Catherine was the compassion that she showed. Catherine’s work and dedication benefited the society in which she lived and still benefits us in our world today.

Here is a short prayer from Catherine. 

My God, I am yours for time and eternity.  

Teach me to trust in you because I know you love me and will always be near me.

Help me always to obey you though it’s hard. Take from my heart all fear.

Help me never to be sad, but always joyful, knowing that you are my God and that someday I will be with you in Heaven.

Hopefully we all continue to have a good week.

Remember to show nothing but respect and kindness towards the people you surround yourself with.

Your Special Character Prefects, Pippa and Maliza