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Photo by Rachel Mortimer

Celebrating our Academic Excellence

Staff —

We have a number of NCEA students who have already earned an Excellence endorsement or are very close.

We are just over halfway through our academic year but a number of year 11-13 students are already deserving of praise for their academic achievements. Students need to earn more than 50 Excellence credits in a calendar year to be awarded their level with endorsement. This will also award them with a school academic blue early next year.

In Year 11, John Ramos and Elijah Booth have earned their endorsement and nearly there are Daisy Jarvie, Phoebe Harris, Jeremy Meikle, Oliver Lodge, Alice Kelsall and Charlotte Harris.

In Year 12, Jemma Mortimer earned her endorsement and there are a number of students very close to earning theirs; Samuel Kelly, Melanie Noquilla, Ella Reilly, Matthew Mosley-O'Leary and April Gamao.

In Year 13, Lachie Allibone, Madi Buckley, Olive Scurr and Gabe Vink have earned their endorsement and nearly there are Sarah Al-Balushi, Caoimhe Dowd and Maliza Alakahoon.