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Photo by Anita Van den Beld

Student Coach Workshop 7th March

Savannah Laws —

On Thursday, I and seven other senior students went to the Edgar Centre and participated in a student coach workshop

In the morning we went around four different workshops where expert coaches taught us how to get to know our player, plan a session, teaching skill and ACC sport smart. At these different workshops, we got to learn some new tips and tricks from some of the best coaches from many different sports. We participated in group talks, a role-play exercise, some games and got taught the ACC sport smart warm up. 

After lunch, we then split off into our designated sports which included Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Touch and Rugby. Here we learnt new skills and how to teach younger kids skills. At these sports, we got a chance to stand up in front of our peers and teach them a new skill we had just learnt ourselves. This was an eye-opening experience because we also got to be the student's, so other kids our age were teaching us.

 It was a great day and we learnt lots of new skills that we will use when we are teaching a school sports team in the future. Thanks to Anita for coming and supporting us and for all the laughs. 

Written by Savannah Laws -Sports Prefect 2019