Hero photograph
Photo by Rebecca O'Neill

The Spirit of Adventure

Rebecca O'Neill —

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am in year 13. Over the Christmas holidays I had the opportunity to go on a 10 day voyage on board the Spirit of Adventure sailing boat.

We sailed from Nelson down to Christchurch. 

Every morning at 6:30am we had to get up out of bed, get into our togs and jump off the boat into the very cold water, this was our wash and shower. We were put into four groups and each day each group had to be in charge of a particular sail station and job to clean the ship. Luckily on the second day I got the chance to stand at the wheel and sail the ship for a good two hours with our captain Georgina, nickname George who was really kind. 

We had to do a lot of rafting to and from the boat to the land for activities. We also completed a three hour tramp. We got the lucky chance to be on board the ship for New Year’s Eve. We were allowed to climb up the rigging, to the top of a 30m sail, which for someone who is afraid of heights, where I’m relying on ropes I managed to complete it and get to the top. We also had to do night watch which was very boring because pretty much you were sitting in the wheel house with another person for two hours during the night to listen for Maydays and keeping watch on the depth and wind radars, then you wake two more people to watch while you get to savour the last few hours before wake up. 

 Luckily we got the opportunity to see dolphins and a whale passing through Kaikoura. The ship was very popular in the anchor bays because she looks like a pirate ship.

This trip is a great experience that will build your confidence, make lifelong friends and you will prove to yourself that if you push yourself to the limits you can do anything. You learn leadership skills and get better with teamwork.  

For more information on the Spirit of Adventure please contact Julie Buchanan - jbuchanan@kavanagh.school.nz