Hero photograph
Photo by Amelia Bresanello

Athletics Day Filled with Fun and Sun

Michael MacKenzie —

The annual Kavanagh College Athletics sports was held on Friday 9 September at the Caledonian

The students and staff were greeted with a great day weather wise and the competition was just as hot on the track. Although no records were broken this year we were treated to some very competitive races on the track and some awesome throwing and jumping in the field events. 

My thanks to the staff for doing their allocated  jobs on the day and to our medical team who looked after all the athletes on the day. 

Below are the winners and runners up of each age group. These winners will be presented with certificates and trophies at our next full assembly.

Female under 12 

Champion: Isabella McEntyre 57 points 
Runners up: Christiana Jaquiery, Daphne Kendrick and Tara Webb 18 points

Male under 12 

Champion: Eli Bungard 32 points
Runner up: Quincy Makiiti 29 points 

Female under 13 

Champion: Made Newson 46 points
Runner up: Molly Kirk and Esther Moata'ane 21 points 

Male under 13 

Champion: Ola Shittu 40 points
Runner up: Daniel Ryan 22 points

Female Under 14 

Champion: Brooke Cathro 38 points
Runner up: Therese Tili 30 points

Male under 14 

Champion: Tomas Lahood 41 points
Runner up: EJ Damason 25 points

Female under 15 

Champion: Anamika Jones 57 points
Runner up: Aria Bannister 51 points

Male under 15 

Champion: Oscar Ung  48 points
Runners up: Brent Manangan and Wills Harrington 35 points 

Female under 16 

Champion: Ruby de Graaf 60 points
Runner up: Abby Simpson 50 points 

Male under 16 :

Champions: Oliver Lodge and Joseph Brennan 38 points
Runner up: Jeremy Meikle 24 points 

Female Over 16 

Champion: Ruby Lahood 49 points
Runner up: Serenity Hook 29 points 

Male Over 16 

Champion: Ted Kerr-Bell 37 points
Runner up: Jacob Kettish 16 points