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Photo by Morgan Walker

Jamie Church Taking Rugby to the Next Level!

Morgan Walker —

Jamie Church is one of the latest additions to the Otago Spirit Squad!

This past weekend Alhambra Union and Pirates went head to head in semi-finals with the score resulting in Alhambra winning 10-5 over Pirates. 

Jamie Church was the first try scorer of the game making a speedy break down the sideline. She made Pirates work very hard with the number of breaks she got, and tackles she made, proving what an asset she will be to this year's Otago Spirit Women's Squad. Last night the team got named and it was no surprise to many of us that Jamie Church's hard work and strong skill set paid off! She has been training three times a week for Otago, twice a week for Alhambra, and once for school while playing school girls 7's games on Wednesdays and Alhambra women's club games on Saturdays. 

That is an outstanding amount of pressure for someone who's only 17 years old and she has taken it all on extremely well. Jamie will be one to look out for this season! Good luck Jamie, Kavanagh will be cheering you on!