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Kavanagh St Vincent de Paul Group - Food Drive

Kavanagh St Vincent de Paul Group —

As Christmas draws near we want to help all Dunedin families feel they can celebrate with some special treats!

On Wednesday 26th October we will be collecting these items for the Food Bank Christmas Parcels:

- Jelly

- Gravy

- A box of new potatoes

- A Christmas treat like a pudding or a cake

- Some chocolate, lollies and candy canes

- Chips

- Soft drinks or juice

- Tins of fruit and berries for the fruit salad

- Christmas Crackers

- Serviettes

- A special sauce like mint sauce, cranberry sauce or chutney.

We would love each class to decorate a food box like 'Hello Fresh' or 'Bargain Box' with Christmas patterns or paper and fill it with some goodies.

We ask you to fill the boxes on Wednesday 26th October and we will collect the boxes on Thursday the 27th.

If you are looking to do more we would also love to include some hand-made Christmas Cards with a personal message in them.