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Photo by Erica Ward

Hip Hop Competition

Tor Devereux —

Good luck to Kavanagh’s two hip hop crews who will be competing in the NZ Schools Hip Hop (Otago/Southland Regional) Competition on Saturday in Invercargill.

Klash (which includes Chelsea Jarvie, Hermione Sparks, Anamalia Tili, Sophie Waterworth and Lucy Koudayah) will be competing in the primary/intermediate section while Knockout (which includes Ella Carruthers, Saira Eldho, Matilda Andersen, Therese Tili, Esther Koudayah and Holly Waterworth) will be competing in the secondary section.

It’s been wonderful to see senior students stepping up to coach these teams and a big thank you to Jemma Mortimer, April Gamao, Tia Mawhinney and Phoebe Harris who have given their time and dance expertise to get the students ready for the competition.