Hero photograph
Photo by Iris Bugarski

11PE Camp at Peel Forest (26-28th Sept)

Iris Bugarski —

Year 11 PE class travelled to Peel Forest on Monday to complete an assessment for NCEA.

The specific intent was to demonstrate and show understanding of responsible behaviours for safety during outdoor education activities. We climbed to the top of Little Mt Peel on Monday. This was a very challenging tramp and students had to demonstrate excellent self management skills. Everyone did exceptionally well! After the tramp we arrived at the Eco Lodge where we settled for two nights. 

We celebrated two big birthdays on the first night with a BBQ and some cake. Tuesday was a super busy day packed with activities. Students did rafting on the Rangitata river from 9-3pm. This was certainly a highlight for many on this trip. In the evening we completed the orienteering course and ended the night with some wood fired pizzas. 

We finished the camp with a High ropes course in Geraldine on Wednesday from 10-1pm. All of our students have done extremely well and challenged themselves in all activities covered. 

Certainly some tired students and teachers/parents at the end of it.