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Photo by Elyse Corkhill

Year 7 Epro 8 Day

Elyse Corkhill —

As part of our Term 2 Integrated Studies unit of "Responding to Crisis" - we have been looking at shapes, forces and planning/designing structures.

We used EPro8 to help reinforce and further build on their learning. EPro8 is a Science and Engineering resource where students learn to use a range of equipment, follow instructions, work in a team and create a desired outcome. Each Year 7 class used the EPro8 kits for an entire day. Their task was to create a rotating crane that could pick up an empty school bag.

Tara has shared her reflection about her group's EPro8 experience:

During Epro8 we had to build a functional, miniature crane out of all the equipment. First we had to discuss the task at hand, which was to build a crane that could pick up an empty school bag, do a 360 degree turn, and place the bag back down. My group started off with the base which was a cuboid with triangles and beams for support. After that we moved on to the trickier part, making the crane move. We planned, debated, rebuilt and finally we were able to make it pick up the bag and move it around. During that time I guarantee we all improved on our communication skills and our knowledge of shapes and gears. It was a lot of fun!