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Billets Needed

Tor Devereux —

Kavanagh College is hosting the Bishop’s Shield competition this year (12-14 August 2022) and we need to provide accommodation for students from the out of town schools who are travelling here to take part.

The Bishop’s Shield is an annual competition where students from the four Catholic high schools in the Dunedin Diocese come together to compete against one another in prepared speech, impromptu speech, debating, drama and scripture.

So, we're looking for families who could billet two or more students for the nights of Friday 12 August and Saturday 13 August.

The students will need very little feeding (only breakfast each morning) and very little entertaining (as they will be at the competition for most of the time, including Friday and Saturday evenings). What they will require is somewhere to sleep for two nights and transport to and from Kavanagh College.

If you would be able to billet students, then please let Tor Devereux (tdevereux@kavanagh.school.nz) know as soon as possible. 

Please note that Kavanagh’s billeting procedure requires that a family hosts at least two students at a time