Hero photograph
Photo by Katrina Kerr-Bell

Chamber Music - Regional Final

Katrina Kerr-Bell —

Sebastian Hook's group performed fantastically at the Regional Final, at The Piano, in Christchurch on Sunday 23 June

The group won the Bronze Award. The players received a huge appraisal and the performance of the group was definitely one of the most entertaining. 

Piece performed :Irisches Trio for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano, 1st and 3rd movements Allegro giocoso, Scherzo by Jan Koetsier 

Some comments of Adjudicators, Doug Beilman & Leni Hoischen : A lovely and very entertaining performance 

1st Movement - Great energy and drama right from the start, fabulous dynamic contrasts! Stunning trombone technique in the fast staccato bits! Lovely vibrato by the trombonist which matched so well. 

3rd movement - Stunning playing with great precision. The trio was lovely, great intonation in the pianissimo long notes at the end. So impressive high level of brass playing