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Special Character Reflection

Maliza and Pippa —

Good morning everyone and a happy Thursday!

Yesterday, Head Girl Mariya and I had the opportunity to meet Bishop Michael with other leaders in the diocese to plan a local World Youth Day in Dunedin, which will be held later this year in November.

The global World Youth Day, which began in 1985, was initiated by Pope John Paul II. It is an event for young Catholic people around the world, and in 1985 over 300,000 young people gathered for this event.  Young people come together to celebrate their faith, smiles and joy, while singing and dancing, proudly holding their national flags high. Pope John Paul left a legacy for the youth. In 2000 Mr Tili attended World Youth Day, along with Mrs Kerr-Bell and some ex students of Kavanagh College when it was held in Rome. 200,000 people attended. Over the years, many Kavanagh students and New Zealanders have attended World Youth Days. The largest World Youth day occurred in the Philippines in Manilla with over 5 million attendees.

This global event occurs every three years. In 2023 it will be held in Lisbon in Portugal, the theme being ‘Mary arose and went with haste’ - Lk 1:39. This means that in many ways we are called to service God by exemplifying our actions in the community and in our families.

We hope that everyone has a good rest of the week and remember to be kind to one another and always love one another.

Your special character prefects, Maliza and Pippa.