Hero photograph
Photo by Skye Haig

Adaptive Sports Tournament

Lily McCabe —

Last Wednesday we went to a sports tournament at the Edgar Centre for the whole day. My team was Monty, Edward, Krystal-Lee and myself. Jacob and Skye were our coaches.

I was excited and nervous and once you are there it feels like you are a sports star on t.v.

We got to school, then we got in the van. In the van we were talking about the day.

When we got there we were appointed to our team, Bayfield Yellow. Then we waited for the games to begin and we warmed up. The game we played was soccer and we played three games.

We got third place! That was in Division 2. It felt exciting and overwhelming to get third. Our team had really good players, it was fun and really hard too.

Then afterwards we went to Maccas, which was awesome.

The day was great because it was focused on fun and not competition.

Adapted sports is for children with disabilities who are regularly excluded. It is run by Sports Otago.

Thanks Skye and Jacob