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Principal's Message

Kate Nicholson —

Kia ora tātou, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei

After Tuesday night’s announcement that we are returning to Level 4 for a time, I feel very fortunate that a few of the highlights of the past week could be enjoyed at school.

Kavanagh Day was a real highlight and the positive buzz around the school couldn’t be ignored. Congratulations to Amelia Bresanello and her team of year 13s that made a few changes this year to reinvigorate the day. Of course, Mass was celebrated with joy by Fr Vaughan Hook, and I commend the students on their reverent and respectful attitude and behaviour during Mass.

The 77th Bishop’s Shield Public Speaking Competition held at St Kevin’s in Oamaru got off to a great start on Friday night with Sarah Al-Balushi winning the senior prepared speech and questions. She was the stand-out winner as was Manaia Barns on Sunday morning with the Senior Scripture and study questions. We performed very strongly in all sections and came away with a third place this year. We are looking forward to hosting this competition at Kavanagh College next year. I have to say that our team would definitely have won the ‘great attitude and supporting your peers’ award, should there have been one! What a great group of students to spend the weekend with. Thank you to Sarah Henderson, Adrienne Buckingham, and Lynley Harris, Sr Jan Ogilvy and Emily Kerr-Bell who prepared the students so well.

We welcomed Erika Fairweather back to school on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, Erika has only had a day back with her classmates after leaving MIQ and is now back in lockdown. Nevertheless, it was good to be able to acknowledge her success in Tokyo and welcome her back with a heartfelt haka and plenty of hugs.

I would also like to congratulate Annabelle Ring, Deputy Head Girl, on her first foray into the Women’s NBL competition last weekend as a member of the Otago Goldrush basketball team. Unfortunately, Annabelle was due to fly out again yesterday for the next round of games and instead she is at home in lockdown. Let’s hope everything gets back to normal very soon for all our students hitting high points in their chosen activities!

Depending on home situations, I know that our individual responses to the return to lockdown will have spanned a continuum from devastating to euphoric. During this time, let us remember to reach out to others and check in. The Kavanagh College community is a very strong one and it is well known for looking out for each other just as a large family would. Please encourage your children to look out for one another during lockdown and maybe connect in with someone who needs them during this time. It can be the little things that count the most at a time like this.

A Prayer for Those who Govern and Represent Us

Eternal Wisdom, guide our leaders called to serve us in our nation. May they respond to the challenges of this affliction with prudence and sound judgement. With foresight, may their planning alleviate the economic burdens, compensate for losses, protect employment, and ensure ample food for the poor and isolated. Amen.

Take care of one another.