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Tim Lucas —

Tēnā tātou e te whānau o Kawana

Room Hoiho from St Joseph's Cathedral School had a fantastic day yesterday when they visited our college for Te Rā Nui Ki Waho (The Big Day Out). Accompanied by former Kavanagh College teacher, Miss Natalie Paterson, the bubbly and respectful students enjoyed a day of learning and fun. After a welcome from our principal, Mrs Kate Nicholson, the digital technology session began with a Kahoot quiz about all things Minecraft. It was obvious that the class was very knowledgeable about Minecraft and this set the scene for a super session. The students were highly engaged in the digital technology challenge and produced some outstanding work. Minecraft is a wonderful teaching resource that promotes a range of 'real world' skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Room Hoiho were given the task of creating a wharenui (meeting house) or a kainga (traditional village). After generating join codes, students teamed up and got into their work. Miss Paterson and I were highly impressed by the intricate and beautiful designs and ingenuity of the work. Year 5 students Lu Lu Mahoney, Louis Ung and Terrence Makiiti produced an authentic wharenui using cedar, netherite, terracotta and pounamu blocks.

After the digital technology session, the class blew off some steam in the Christian Brother's Gymnasium with 7DGR.  A delicious pizza lunch was then enjoyed by our visitors before heading to the science laboratories. HOD Science Mrs Kerron Thomson and students then conducted a series of combustible and melting experiments. Thank you to our Year 7 mentors who assisted our visitors: Quincy Makiiti, Serah Joby, Muskan Uniyal, Feile Ryan, Jackson McLaughlan and Isabelle Milne. Former St Joe's students Henry Lapham and Ruby La Hood were a great help during the afternoon learning session. In week four we welcome back our whānau from Forbury - St Bernadette's School.

Nāku te rourou nāu te rourou ka ora ai te iwi - With your basket and my basket, we will sustain everyone (A whakataukī that encourages team work)