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Kate Nicholson —

As we begin to see increasing numbers of students and staff away due to the need to self-isolate, our usual system for keeping learning happening in classrooms needs to be adapted.

To allow us to know how many students are away on a given day, and plan accordingly, we need your help.

It makes our job easier when you:

  • Use the Edge app to record an absence for your child. Information on how to set up the Edge app and portal and how to record an absence is attached
  • You let us know either by app or phone message prior to 8am in the morning
  • You include relevant information –

         a. your child is sick with something other than covid (just away for 1-2 days)

         b. your child is required to isolate for x days

         c. your child is sick because of covid and is expected to be away for x days

  • Don’t say ‘my child won’t be in today’ because that does not help us plan ahead, nor record attendance accurately

If your child has a short appointment during the day, please don't use the Edge app to notify this but ring or send a note with your child instead.

If you are contacted to pick up your child because they are unwell with possible covid symptoms, it is important that you do this as soon as possible, or within 60 minutes at the very most, to stop our staff becoming close contacts.

I am aware that our office staff will become very busy in the next few weeks. Any help you can give us is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your support.

Kate Nicholson