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About webquests

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Learn what a webquest is, how it works and (most importantly) how to take advantage of these resources to make learning exciting for your students.

What is a webquest?

A webquest is a learning sequence that is primarily delivered using the internet. It has components that are teacher-directed and components that are student-directed.

Webquests use an inquiry type format where most or all the information comes from the web. The model was developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University Learning Design and Technology programme (which is part of the School of Journalism and Media Studies).

Our webquests work because they are...

  • wrapped around a doable and interesting task that is related to the real world;
  • require higher level thinking, not simply summarising;
  • are flexible in how they can be used, including options for how learners can share their learning, take action and explore content;
  • make good use of the web;
  • require learners to interpret complex issues that are facing the world that the United Nations support;
  • challenge learners to take action in their local communities and have links to global actions that can be initiated.

To learn more about the philosophy and background of this approach, please visit webquests.org