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UNwebquests.nz Introduction
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About unwebquests.nz

Rob Clarke —

Learn about the vision for this web site and how it works.

This site has been set up as part of the United Nations Association for Canterbury's project for raising awareness of the United Nations. It was established in February 2016 by Rob Clarke.

In this site you will find a range of useful resources for helping young people learn about the variety of causes the United Nations undertakes. 

Each webquest can be used as part of a series of other webquest, or as another part of the curriculum. Click here to learn how to contribute a webquest to this project

Each webquest has the following elements:

  • An overview so the educator and students know what to expect.
  • A challenge to set the scene.
  • A learning sequence to guide the educator and/or students.
  • Suggestions for how the learning outcomes could be shared, or for actions the learners may take as a result of what they have discovered and/or created.
  • Suggestions for educators to link to the New Zealand Curriculum.

If you are unsure of what a webquest is, please refer to this page...

The site also has a growing number of excellent resources which you can use.

Click here to learn how to contribute a webquest to this project

This project is led by Rob Clarke from Learning Architects - more information at: learningarchitects.com