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Emma Watson to United Nations: I'm a feminist
Video by CNN

What is feminism? 

Molly Crossland —

Explain what feminism is. What is the real definition of the word behind the #HEforSHE movement that empowers gender equality?

Your Challenge:

Your challenge is to investigate what gender is and devise some practical ways we can overcome this.

Follow this Process:

  1. Watch these three video clips as a class:

    1. Emma Watson to United Nations: I'm a feminist

    2. HeForShe Campaign Video

    3. How Meghan Markle Became An Advocate For Women At 11 Years Old

  2. Gather examples in groups of three gather examples that you took from the videos that promote INequality for different genders. What everyday things can you think of that would prevent men and women having the same opportunities?

  3. Brainstorm further by drafting a mind-map. Your definition of feminism is at the centre. Think of ways branching from your mind-map that feminism solves the examples of inequality you thought of.

  4. Summarise your ideas by creating a poster (or some other kind of presentation) with your definition of feminism and what it truly means to be a feminist. Choose 10 key words you wish to associate with feminism and design them around the definition. Get creative.

  5. Present your creation to the class and choose your favourite three words. Each person in the group is to read one of the three words and define why this word is associated with feminism.

  6. Take action and decide how will you use your understanding of feminism to encourage gender equality for yourself and those around you?

  7. Capture and share these outcomes using photo and/or video to inspire others. Share it on this website.

Educator Notes

To provide further challenge:

Require groups to find a quote from the videos that relates to each of the ten words on the poster and write them underneath.

To simplify:

Watch the first two videos and not the last two for a less comprehensive and analytical understanding of feminism.

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