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UNwebquests.NZ update - January 2017

Rob Clarke —

We are ready now to start taking draft webquest submissions and have a range of webquests for educators to choose from

We hope you have managed to have a wonderful holiday season over the last few weeks. Here are some quick updates on the UNwebquests project.

Educators who expressed an interest in contributing webquests can now submit these. If you are keen please complete this form to let us know.

We have a range of interesting webquests to start the year off. Please have a browse through the site to see what you might like to use with your students - some topics to whet your appetite include:

Human Rights - what are human rights? What is the human rights council

Nuclear Free NZ - what is the world court?

Poverty - will child poverty ever be eradicated?

We also have a new resources section with links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, educational resources, live Youtube streams and more.

Enjoy and have a great start to the new year.