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Photo by Peter Blank

Year 10 Success Assembly

UHC Admin —

An assembly for Year 10 was held recently to celebrate the success of students within the year group, as well as to take a look at what our junior leaders had planned for Junior Celebration Week. Year 10 Dean Mr Crookston explains what happened.

With nearly half the year gone, 155 Year 10 students already have NCEA Level 1 credits to their names, with 18 of them having more than 5 credits in total. This is a big achievement for these students and helps prepare them for success in Year 11.

Also celebrated were the three students from each Ako Class with the highest Term 1 Certificate of Achievement scores, with Sophie Glynn recognised for achieving the highest score for Year 10. Doing well in the Certificate of Achievement means students will more than likely do well in NCEA Level 1.

A photo of all those students up on stage was taken following the assembly, and it included Ms Amy Perkins, Head of Year 10, who is leaving us to take up a position at Fergusson Intermediate.

Our Year 10 leaders ran through the events that would be happening in Junior Celebration Week - these included “Anything but a Bag”; longest plank, winter quiz, and Fairy Bread Friday, with prizes to be won across throughout the week.

Go Year 10!