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UHC Students help youngsters at Trentham Primary

UHC Admin —

As part of the newly formed Year 11 SWL (Skills for Work and Living) course, students have been volunteering as classroom helpers at Trentham Primary School. Teacher Karla Lister gives a first hand account of what they have been doing.

They have been doing this as part of two assessments, one about demonstrating positive behaviours and the other about sustaining a commitment that supports other people.

Over the last three weeks I have seen all of the students absolutely flourish. Michaela has been running a reading group with Year 2 students, helping them sound out words, find silent letters and understand the ideas in the story. Belinda has been teaching groups of Year 4 students how to calculate the area of a shape.

I am immensely proud of all of the students in this class who have been a living testament to the NZ Curriculum: Confident, Connected, Actively involved, Lifelong Learners.