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UHC Admin —

With cooler weather here, it is important to remind whānau about uniform requirements.

Information on the school uniform can be found on the school website here.  We remind you that:

- Students must be in full and correct school uniform.

- Senior girls may wear the approved UHC black trousers (only available from NZ Uniforms) at any time of the year.

- Sneakers, boots, backless sandals, crocs and slides are not permitted – only approved black leather school shoes or approved sandals.

- The approved uniform jacket is the UHC navy jacket. Other coloured jackets, including black puffer jackets, are not permitted.

- The UHC sports hoodie and the UHC sports training top and jacket are NOT part of the regular school uniform and are to be worn only in conjunction with sports and training. UHC has a sweatshirt that may be purchased as part of the regular school uniform.

- Students must be neat and tidy in appearance. Girls may wear makeup which portrays a natural look or has an unobtrusive appearance. Boys must be clean shaven.

- Students may wear one small plain nose stud (not a ring). No other visible piercing

All uniform items are available at NZ Uniforms in Lower Hutt.

All students have been reminded of the correct uniform and have been given time over the holidays to ensure their uniform is correct for Term 3 and the remaining winter months ahead.

Thanks for your support in ensuring our students look great in the correct UHC uniform.

If you have any queries about uniform, or difficulties in providing the correct uniform, please contact the appropriate Dean. We have a range of jerseys available and will loan one to students where required.

If students arrive to school in incorrect uniform or have consistent issues with their uniform they may be sent home to sort their uniform out, offered a replacement item or placed in withdrawal.