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Commerce students reap the rewards of Market Day

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This year’s Commerce Department Market Day in the school’s quad area involved Year 10 and 11 Commerce students setting up and running a business. Teacher Mr Carew gives the run down

After a couple of date changes the Commerce Department Market Day went ahead on Friday the 23rd June and what a success it was!

18 “businesses” made up of students from Year 11 Business Studies and Year 10 Commerce classes, brought the annual bazaar to life with their entrepreneurial spirit.

There were some familiar favourites with sausages, hot chips, baked goods, milkshakes and sushi, sherbet, dumplings, cookies, jewellery, muffins, brownies, sweets, cupcakes, fried bread, and spudacups, plus some new items which included hand crafted jewellery and fair games.

The students were well supported by their peers, with the occasional stray teacher being fleeced, as the tills bulged with soaring profits, and the market buzzed with fun and excitement.

Colourful business names, eye catching logos, lyrical jingles, catchy slogans, and elaborate packaging promote their businesses.

Students involved themselves in a whole range of business research from surveys to sampling to determine what product they should promote. They consider the marketing ideas of product, price, place and promotion as they present their wares. It is always a very active and exciting day with students generally making a profit on their activities.

For the Year 11 students this was part of a 6-credit internal assessment, while the Year 10 students got a sneak peak into what happens next year in Business Studies.

Well done!