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Photo by Peter Blank

Year 9 Adventurers tramp to Turere Lodge

UHC Admin —

During Term 2 our 9ADV class has been getting ready for a tramp, we learned about how to estimate time on maps, Māori legends and how to roast marshmallows.

As the morning of the tramp dawned, we all met in the River Gym to check if we had everything for the tramp. We met the other people who were also coming with us on our tramp: Mr Carew, Ms McTaggart, and three Year 13s Becky, Indy,  and Tayla. They were all very nice. 

Once we had done all that, Ava drew a number on each of our hands (for safety reasons) then we all got into three separate vans to drive up to the carpark of the tramp.

We were very excited to be going off with Lucinda and Christina in the lead with their walkie talkies and maps. Finally it was our turn in the lead - we nearly took a wrong turn but managed to correct ourselves in time.

Along the walk up to the hut we had to do two assessments. One of them was talking about Maori legends and how they relate to our tramp. The second one was navigation. We had to find where we were on the map and then estimate the time and distance to where we would stop next, after that we led the group for however long we decided.

After having lunch, we got up and started walking along the side of the river following the water until we had to cross. After crossing the water three times, all of our shoes were soaking wet and we climbed up a very narrow and slippery track to get to Turere Lodge.

We all learnt different skills and learned what we should and shouldn’t bring, how much food is necessary and we bonded with classmates. People made noodles and soup and pancakes, but our pancakes didn't go very well. But there were lots of different foods.

The games at the hut were really fun. We played cards, sardines, spoons and spotlight.

The walk home was much easier than the walk there, as this time we didn't have to scale the cliff and cross the river. We had a few detours on the way with people forgetting stuff and more than one way to go. We decided to take another route back that ended up saving us about half an hour.

When we arrived at the van we were relieved or thrilled that now they could finally have a break and once we got back we had to take a photo with the class. After we had a chat we left to get into the vans shoving our bags into the van then back on the road to get back to school.