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Manaakitanga Projects Help Community

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Year 9 and 10 Ako classes spent significant time enjoying the gift of helping others. There were an array of things done to help others. This is first hand accounts of what some of the classes did.


9HI decided to donate goods to the Hutt Women’s Refuge. Things we collected included canned food, toys, books, toiletries, board games and much more. 

We were happy to make a donation to a group that makes a difference in our community. 


This year our ukulele and singing group visited Fergusson Rest Home and shared some waiata and Christmas carols with the residents there. 

We were accompanied by Mrs Hansen, Mrs Hall, Ms Taylor and Mrs Smith and her students from 9VH who had cupcakes and candy canes to present to each resident. 

It was a very happy occasion for both the residents and the entertainers; a wonderful opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer in our community.


We arranged for a large number of cupcakes from Cory Hay’s mum who has a cupcake business, then we made and decorated special individual boxes for each one. 

We joined a group from Awhina who were going to the Fergusson Rest Home to play ukulele and sing carols. Some of us helped with the singing, and afterwards we gave out cupcakes and candy canes to all the residents. They were really pleased to get some yummy treats!

9 LB

We decided that we would like to donate gifts to children who do not receive any presents on Christmas day. 

We looked around our houses and brought in toys that we no longer used. Some people went out and bought new toys for these children too.

We also did a lolly guess to raise money to buy more gifts for the children. We then donated the gifts to Foster Hope.

Year 10 Foods classes

The Caretaker, Merv Waiwai and his able assistant Pete Sinai, are integral to the smooth running of our school, and are much appreciated in the Foods Department. 

Ms Bown baked a cake to say thanks, and the three Year 10 classes made and signed a card to go with it.


This year we decided to play sports with Awhina then have a combined sausage sizzle. 

10CL brought everything for the BBQ – and cooked it all too - while other students played soccer and touch rugby with the Awhina students. 

There was even dancing at one point! A great time was had by all, and Ms Laing and Mrs Forde were really impressed with all of the students - how they chose to get involved, give everyone a turn and how they even did the dishes.


Our manakitanga project this year was to have a bake sale to raise money for a deserving charity. 

We all picked something we wanted to do to help contribute, whether it be making posters, doing the baking, selling the goodies, managing other students. 

It was a successful bake sale raising almost $100 to donate to The Child Cancer Foundation.


This year 10BK and 10EK decided to band together in a creative endeavour to create toys for the Wellington SPCA. The students spent many an Ako Time cutting sheets, learning to braid, tying string, and making PomPom toys for the animals at the shelter.

They were delivered to the SPCA in Wellington where the staff were very grateful and surprised by the amount of toys being donated. It was fun making all the different toys and learning how to plait.


We decided to raise money by making friendship bracelets and selling them to the juniors during lunchtimes for the charity Rainbow Youth which supports young people in the LGBTQ+ community. Overall we were able to donate over $50 to Rainbow Youth.