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Photo by Peter Blank

Multi-lingual Zoo Visit

UHC Admin —

Year 9 and 10 Spanish students as well as Year 9 Japanese students had a guided tour of the zoo in their respective languages. Year 9 and Spanish student Garrett Amyes tells us about the day.

The Spanish and Japanese classes went on a trip to Wellington Zoo. Both classes then took a tour in their respective languages and engaged in some language activities to do with the zoo and the animals.

The Spanish class went to learn about animals, and we went and ordered food from Viva Mexico in Newtown. 

At the zoo we looked at Monos (Monkeys), Nutrias (Otters) and many other animals around the zoo and described them in Spanish. 

We then walked down to Viva Mexico where we got to order our food in Spanish using “Me gustaria”. 

My favourite part of the trip was getting to see all the animals and describe them in Spanish.