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NCEA Exams Begin!

UHC Admin —

On Monday November 16 NCEA exams begin for all levels and will run until Wednesday December 9.

Exams will begin at either 9:30am or 2pm,  however students must be present and ready to enter their exam 20 minutes beforehand (i.e. 9:10am or 1:40pm). 

At UHC, most exams will take place in the hall or nearby rooms.  The exact location of every exam will be placed on the hall foyer windows.

Students are expected to attend in full uniform and have their exam admission slip and photo ID.  If there are issues with this students need to see Ms Van Maren asap.

Likewise, if a student is unwell or has an unexpected event contact Ms Van Maren about the possibility of applying for a derived grade (compassionate consideration).  This should happen prior to seeing a doctor except in the case of emergencies.

Please find the link to the 2020 examination timetable here:  2020 Exam Timetable