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Cupcake Science Experiment

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As part 10SD's Science programme Year 10 Students Dani Moorey and Olivia Salter looked at how missing key cupcake ingredients impact on the finished product. This is their story.

As part of the accelerated learning programme we were given the opportunity to look into why certain ingredients are important in baking a cake. We baked three batches of cupcakes that were each missing either eggs, margarine or baking powder. 

As well as studying the chemistry behind what each ingredient does, we put a fun spin on it and decorated the cake with a Teletubbies design. The cupcakes that were produced were either very soggy, dry, or quick thick in texture.  Each ingredient when present, helps produce fluffy, light cupcakes.

Having the freedom to choose a topic that we enjoyed, meant that we were invested and engaged. We even bought costumes!

By Dani Moorey and Olivia Salter