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Inaugural Junior Celebration Week a success!

UHC Admin —

UHC has shown its appreciation for its junior students by creating a Junior Celebration week, put on by the junior student council. Student Layla Martin-Smith takes us through the eventful week.

This week included lots of fun activities and competitions for Year 9 and 10 students, with some even including the seniors as well!

On Monday we started off the week with Anything but a Bag Day, where juniors were encouraged to bring their school stuff in anything but a bag! Seniors were also invited to join this activity, and there was a competition for the best not-bag. The winner of this not-bag competition was Hannah-Elise Soper, who brought a vacuum to school with all her stuff inside of it.

On Wednesday there was a Plank Competition, where the juniors competed against each other on who could hold the longest plank. The Year 9 winner was Hazel Passmore, and the Year 10 winner was Hebba Khan. Congratulations on your determination!

On Thursday there was a Winter Quiz Competition for the whole school to test their knowledge of the season. 10KE and 12HI smashed the competition and won a bag of lollipops for their class to enjoy!

Throughout the week there was a School Life Photo Competition, where juniors took their best photo about school life and entered it for a prize. This is when people’s creativity really shined through. The winner of this competition was Lucinda Kitching!

On Friday, the juniors enjoyed munching on some fairy bread that the school provided. Each Ako class got their own supply and ate the delicious snack together.

Throughout this year, there have been some junior student council members who have really stood out and showed excellent leadership at UHC. Two Year 9 leaders, Noah Te Ariki Curtis and Lucinda Kitching, and one Year 10 leader Layla Martin-Smith. They were awarded Principal Matariki prizes.

Overall, Junior Celebration Week was a huge success, and definitely showed UHC’s appreciation for its juniors!

It had a special feel to it as it was the last big junior event with Ms Perkins left as Head of Year 10. She will be missed HEAPS!