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Photo by Peter Blank

Dancers rise to the occasion at Showquest

UHC Admin —

A team of 57 students, lead by director Sophie Weston and co-choreographers Maddie Gray and Dominic Burns, marched excitedly into the Michael Fowler Centre and enjoyed the return to a full Showquest event since 2019. HOD Dance, Donna Devaroe, takes us through the performance.

The theme this year was 'Who Will Rise'. The intention was to look at the powerful women of New Zealand's past and present and pitch the question to the next generation of young girls - who will be next to step up to the plate? 

Amongst the fun of the day with dress rehearsals and silent discos, the students put on a spectacular performance giving it their all to a sold out crowd. 

Huge amounts of work were put in by Sophie and her team as they battled many setbacks and I could not have been more proud of every single student who graced the stage, representing Upper Hutt College, that night.