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A rainbow of colour in Pride Week

UHC Admin —

In Week 8 of Term 2, UHC celebrated its LGBTQIA+ students by taking part in National Schools Pride Week. On each day of the week, there was a different activity run by UHC’s Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) leaders that brought queer students together every lunchtime. Student Layla Martin-Smith runs through the fun-filled week.

On Monday there was a rainbow ribbon making session, where staff and students could hot glue their very own rainbow cross ribbon to wear on their uniform or display on their bags. There was a huge turnout for this activity, and it was great to see tons of rainbow ribbons around the school for the rest of Pride Week.

On Tuesday there was a rainbow book club, where students went to the library with their favourite LGBTQ+ books to share and discuss. Our librarian supported us by closing the library for our rainbow book club lunch session, and students were able to share their favourite books and loan recommendations from others.

On Wednesday there was a rainbow writing competition, where students submitted their original creative short stories. All of the stories were heartwarming and emotional, and the winner of the competition took home a rainbow themed prize.

On Thursday there was a pride dress-up inflatable race, where students dressed up in their best rainbow outfits for the non-uniform day and came to compete in a race across the inflatable course. The best dressed and the fastest team received a prize and everyone had fun dressing up in costumes and playing on the course.

On Friday there was an art competition, where students submitted their best pride-themed art. The entries were displayed in a mini exhibition and they all looked fabulous. A winner was chosen and given a rainbow themed prize for their amazing art.

Throughout the whole week, the progress pride flag was flying on the flagpole. Overall, this week was an amazing show of appreciation for our LGBTQIA+ students and it couldn’t have been done without the hard work from our QSA Leaders and the staff who supported it.