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Photo by Peter Blank

The Great Gatsby - Dance Show

UHC Admin —

Following the misfortunes of young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his unrealistic passion and obsession to reunite with his ex-lover, the UHC Dance students entertained bumper audiences over a week.

The UHC Dance Department's Year 13 Repertoire this year was a musical version of 'The Great Gatsby!' Students from all year levels put their hands up to act, sing and dance alongside our 301 dancers as they wowed packed out audiences over four nights. 

Dance teacher Donna Montgomery was completely blown away by the commitment and the talent of all the students! 

Ms Montgomery wanted to thank  everyone who supported the show including SLT, staff and parents who is said "are amazing".

 The next big event for the Dance Department is the Senior Dance Repertoire in Term 4 - keep your eyes and ears open for dates!