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Year 10 Prizegiving Summary

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Yesterday, Year 10 students completed their last year in the junior school and celebrated many successes from a year like no other.

Never before had so many students received their COA with Excellence, and the hall was left with standing room only to fit the many proud whanau members in.

2021 Head Boy Dhanraj Soni spoke to the cohort and also helped present a number of awards.

Meanwhile our Year 10 Band, performed 'Country Road' dedicating it to Assistant Principal Stephen Rodger.  The band included Joseph Walker on Bass, Lucy Klee on drums, Grace Seamark on saxophone, Samuel Donaghue on guitar and Vinita Greyling on vocals. 

The Upper Hutt College PTA President’s Cup. This is awarded to a Year 10 student for their classroom achievement and their contribution to College life. This year it was a challenge to separate our winners, and in the end, Lily Candy and Grace Seamark couldn’t, as both students are excellent role-models for their peers through their enthusiastic involvement in wider school life be it through sport or cultural activities, their excellent work ethics and academic results.

Lily is a keen Hillary House Leader and the BOT representative for 2021. She was awarded Junior Sportsperson of the Year for her outstanding list of accolades both in and out of school – from Tough Gal to BMX racing to Senior Girls’ Touch. 

She worked back-stage for the Great Gatsby, led Year 8s around for Open Day and got involved with Foster Drive – organising gifts for kids in foster care.

Lily placed 1st Equal Food Technology, 1st Equal Health, 1st Physical Education, 2nd Equal Commerce, and gained the 2nd highest number of Certificate of Achievement points in Year 10 with 1048, resulting in a well-deserved Excellence endorsement. 

Assistant Principal Amy Perkins described Lily as endlessly positive, and always the first to put up her hand to help.

Meanwhile, Grace is an active Blake House Leader, member of the Jazz Band and an International Buddy. 

She participated the Colour Run, Art Factory, and had planned to for Relay for Life. This student is part of youth group called ‘Raise Up which plans to run community events, and is on the National Advocacy and Advisory Youth Committee for the YMCA. 

Grace performed in Great Gatsby, gave service at Year 8 Open Day, and MC’d the annual Music Concert. She also completed her Level 1 NCEA English speech as an exemplar for others so they know what to do and how to do it well.

She placed 1st Music, 1st Science, 2nd Equal Commerce, and gained the third highest number of Certificate of Achievement points in Year 10 with 1041, resulting in a well-deserved Excellence endorsement. 

Assistant Principal Amy Perkins described Grace as polite and caring, conscientious and exuberant.

House Cups

House Cups are awarded to students who have excelled in academics, been keen participants in House activities as well as co-curricular activities, and have been noted for their overall levels of application, achievement and effort, both in and outside the classes. 

Te Kanawa House Cup for All Round Excellence: Lily Masseurs

Jackson House Cup for All Round Excellence: Lily Hilton

Hillary House Cup for All Round Excellence: Dominic Burns

Blake House Cup for All Round Excellence: Julia Montgomery

Top COA Points

Flora Tang was the student who gained the top score for the whole year level with an impressive total of 1054 out of 1060.

COA Excellence

The following students were awarded COA with Excellence, having gained at least 900 points: 

Emily Ingerson, Ayush Prasad, Jayden Duff, Amy Gallagher, Letitia Ahearn, Nathan Rose. Vanasanan        Phiratthitikon, Tyler Mitchell, Tiaan Venter, Fintan Darrall, Lara Wolff, Yiduo Qian, Tristyn Elliott, Joy Bustalinio, Madison Gray, Diana Hicks, Tahsin Labiba, Max Inglis, Hupstein Eng, Stacey Duncan, Connor McHenry, Fabian Sivorarath, Sophie Weston, Liam Kubisch, Emma Russell, Xavier Coetsee, Cati De Klerk, Paige Anderson, Adam Grant, Riley Wilson, Manish Singh, Danielle Moorey, Mason Daken, Katie Lewis, Charlotte Whitmarsh, Phoenix Crawley, Anjola-Oluwa Sigbeku, Samuel Donoghue, Kale Trueman, Pierce Johnston, Thamos Harrison, Lily Masseurs, Vasalisa Vasina, Olivia Salter, Dominic Burns, Abigail Fisher, Julia Montgomery, Kaito Maud, Maia Graham, Olivia Cox, Johannes Opperman, Jasmine Candy, Grace Tilley, Lorelei Thomas, Grace Seamark, Lily Candy.

Student Leaders

The following students were named to be Year 11 leaders in 2021.

Blake House: Julia Montgomery, Grace Seamark

Hillary House: Dominic Burns, Maia Graham

Jackson House: Indyah Falaniko, Lillie Hilton, Ayush Prasad

Te Kanawa House: Lily Masseurs, Flyn Morgan, Sophie Weston