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Year 9 successes celebrated!

UHC Admin —

There was plenty to celebrate with our Year 9s recently. Students were celebrated for school and extra curricular participation.

A recent Year 9 assembly recognised and celebrated the many students who are involved in sports, cultural events, becoming great leaders and representing our school at the local intermediates.

Students were celebrated for school and extra curricular participation - the students in white t shirts were off to Showquest that day.

Well done to these students and all the others who join and support and make our Kura diverse and dynamic. Congratulations to:

9BW - Charlie Wylie & Dannika Watt

9CE - Matthew Campbell, Payden Fox & Jazmin Browne

9HB - Jack Rowley & Zoe O’Sullivan

9JM - Hazel Passmore & Alex Van Den Bos

9DP - Levi Symons & Harriet Topp

9NV - Isla Jeffrey & Saul McCawe

9OT - Holly Walker & Santos Rai

9ST - Zoe Hilton & Chloe Trineman

Dean's choice - Connor McGregor

Junior Dean's choice - Campbell Rawiri

Head of Year choice - Lucinda Kitching & Noah Te Ariki Curtis