Hero photograph
Photo by Peter Blank

Poly Group hit the stage with energy

Peter Blank —

Upper Hutt College's acclaimed Poly Group have wowed at the annual Huttfest competition. Teacher in Charge of Polygroup, Donna Deveroe, sums up the celebrations.

With 1500 seats sold out well in advance - the march towards Huttfest was filled with endless interval, lunchtime and after school rehearsals.  

The 2023 leaders Keziah Tuuina and LaDainian Aranga-Tuilaepa, under the mentorship and guidance of new Head of Music Ofisa Taeao and Mrs Paulette Reid, were able to bring together a 15 minute bracket that exploded with energy, joy, tradition and praise to the one who made it all possible. 

I would like to thank every member of the group who has given so much over the last 6 months, especially to Jaze Lea'ana and Phoebe Kava who helped choreograph sections of the bracket alongside Keziah and LaDainian. 

Team work and gratitude makes the dream work.