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Photo by Peter Blank

Japanese Immersion Day

UHC Admin —

Soaking up and learning about Japanese culture was the aim of the immersion day held. Student Grace McPartland shares how the day panned out.

In September a combination of Japanese cultural events were held as an opportunity for the UHC junior Japanese classes. 

The purpose of this immersion day was to illustrate the wider value of learning Japanese and how it is closely connected with Japan’s unique culture. 

On this day we all listened to and watched three tea masters perform a traditional tea ceremony, This ancient tea ceremony was put together by C.A.P.E and held by local suppliers of Japanese culture.

We all sat peacefully awaiting our tea and sweets… The taste of the astringent, bitter, nutty, smooth cup of matcha and the joyful spring of the yummy sweets raised our moods for the following aikido session. 

After a delicious feast of sushi we all gathered along with two professional aikido masters. Aikido is a very hard martial art to master, but with the help of the two professionals we all finished the day with a few confident aikido skills and a big smile on our face! 

The cultural immersion day really opened our knowledge to wider parts of Japanese culture and helped us to expand our interest’ of Japan.