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'The Frogs' Slapstick Comedy Entertains Bumper Audiences

UHC Admin —

Year 12 Drama students bandied together to perform the comedy "The Frogs" and leave the audience in stitches. Student Shakira Khan was part of the production.

For the UHC Year 12 production this year the two Year 12 Drama classes performed “The Frogs” over four nights. 

We performed a modern adaptation of The Frogs, an ancient Greek play written by Aristophanes in 405 BC. The original story follows Dionysus, the god of wine, fertility, and theatre in his journey to Hades to bring back playwrights and to elevate modern culture. 

In our adaptation, Dionysus, accompanied by his trusty servant Xanthias is determined to save the world from meaningless reality television and bring back Shakespeare to give him a show on Bravo. 

The Frogs was a comedy and it’s sarcastic slapstick humor had the audience laughing all night long as they were introduced to an array of characters such as Hercules, Simon Cowell, Jane Austen, and even a teenage mutant ninja turtle! 

Taking on a comedy was a challenge for every student this year but in the end, we all had so much fun putting on this show and can’t wait till next year to do it again