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Going deeper for gifted learners

Jenni Hammonds —

VLN Primary has recognised the need for affordable and specific opportunities for Gifted & Talented students to better understand themselves as learners. Our Gifted Learner programme funding highly subsidises school membership and student participation.

Connecting like-minds

All of our online programmes provide learners with opportunities to be extended and challenged in their area of interest. Students from a range of settings and throughout Aotearoa are connected, which can be particularly important for children from isolated or rural communities. Check out the end of the article for subsidised participation for 2022.

Prospectus programmes

15 or 30 week programmes offered in a range of areas.

Whether it's a passion for language, digital technology, science, design or ethics, our selection of programmes is forever increasing and can be tailored to suit student needs and talents. Small groups of learners, with similar fascinations, come together with an eteacher -  niche learning becomes a reality.  Check out our full prospectus!

The concept of enabling personalised content, connected to passions and strengths, encouraging diversity and student connections is undoubtedly of value to all students, but especially for the gifted and talented community. 

We encourage students to enrol in a prospectus programme so they can get a taste for online learning and whether one of the following gifted-specific programmes would be a good fit. This is a decision made by the school teacher, the student and our eTeachers.

Complex Thinking

A 25 week online programme specifically designed to inspire critical and creative thinking, and personal development.

Students have the opportunity to connect and explore what makes us unique as learners, as well as alike. We look at theoretical concepts of talent development from leading academics such Françoys Gagné.

We focus on the universal theme each year, such as change. How have we changed in our short lives - our personalities, our interests, our influences, the way we learn? These questions guide students to better understand the way they see and engage in the world around them.

More broadly the theme of change might ask, how has our environment changed? How have schools changed? And conceptually, why does change happen? What does change result in? Is it always positive?


A 25 week programme for self-motivated students.

Learners who want to take their prospectus programme further have the opportunities to develop a project with a mentor, alongside their regular eTeacher. 

A mentoring project is not suited to all programmes but could be adapted for most if the student is motivated and independent. Examples include coding a game for digital technologies, presenting the process and final project for design intro, creating a website for web design, producing an artwork for visual arts, creating a resource for learning a language, writing a short story for fictional heroes, writing and performing a poem for creative writing etc. 

Note: Mentoring and Complex Thinking programmes have one intake each year starting Week 1, Term 2; Prospectus programmes have two intakes - Week 5, Term 1 and the start of Term 3.

Funding for 2022

Who is eligible? To be eligible for subsidised participation students need to be enrolled in a New Zealand school, Year 5-10, and identified as gifted by their school.

Subsidised Programmes for 2022. Each gifted student identified by the school will be able to participate in one subsidised regular prospectus programme at 80% of the regular cost (approx. $14 per student for the 30 weeks). Participation in Complex Thinking and Mentoring will be in addition to the one regular prospectus programme at the same cost ($14 per student). Additional prospectus programmes will be at regular cost.  

Subsidised school membership. If the school doesn't have any regular enrolments, the school membership will be subsidised by 90% (approx. $34 for the year). For example, if a school is only registering their three gifted students in one programme each, the cost for the year will be $34 (membership) plus $42 ($14 x 3 programmes).

Please use our standard registration process for registration of the school and student programme preferences, as well as providing identification information for each student.

Visit our website vlnprimary.school.nz or contact Jen if you have questions  jenni.hammonds@vln.school.nz