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Make Aotearoa Safer Online - Students Connect with NetSafeNZ

Rachel Whalley —

Please join us during Netsafety Week to connect with NetsafeNZ Youth Action Squad to learn about internet issues that affect us and how to manage them.

The Netsafe Youth Action Squad (YAS) is a programme that supports students to spark discussions, plan initiatives, lead activities and enact positive change around the online safety issues that affect them most. 

The VLN Primary and NetSafeNZ are collaborating to host this event and enable this tuakana/teina learning opportunity.

Wednesday 28th July 1.30 pm

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Some discussion starters for our learners to think about ahead of our session are:

  • What does having fun online look like and feel like to you?
  • If you think about yourself interacting online, what information is important to protect and why?
  • Why should you think about how well you know someone before sharing any information with them on line?
  • If there is a disagreement with your friends or in the classroom how do people normally react? How do they react online?
  • What are 3 ways can you be kind online?
  • Why would someone one create a fake account?
  • What is unwanted contact?
  • What would be a red flag or a clue that something is not ok when talking to someone online?
  • Have you heard the term ‘spam’ what does this mean to you?
  • What could you do if you see unwanted content online? 

Being safe online is vitally important for the VLN Primary as the internet is our learning environment. We want our children to be confident and safe living and learning in our digital world, that's why we are proud to support Netsafety Week 23 to 30 July.

This event is free for schools to join.