Sharks in the Park From Geo A.R. Games -  a mobile outdoor game app for kids aged 6-11 by Geo A.R. Games

Mobile Outdoor Gaming - Getting Kids Off the Couch

There is a certain Internet craze going off at the moment that shows how gamification, augmented reality and geospatial technology are a winning formula for motivating kids to get up and move. If you just said WHAT?? to that last sentence read on...

"Geo AR Games have developed a mobile outdoor game app for kids aged 6-11 which is currently being trialled with teachers in a few schools in Wellington and they seem to love what we are doing.

It would be great if we could get more schools to test it and give us feedback around the value it provides around Tech learning and health. 

In a nutshell the app uses a new technology called geospatial augmented reality or mixed reality, runs on newer digital devices such as smart phones and tablets and can only be played outdoors in a sports field.

With this app which currently runs under the name "Sharks in the ParK" we want to get kids off the couch and physically active outside. Kids learn about new tech as they play outside and tend to run around for about 30-45min at a time.

The device becomes a magical window to another 3D life-size world that co-exists with reality in a park environment and kids can interact with the content by running up to it.

The next stage is to enable the kids to build their own worlds with 3D library content or to upload their own models and then eventually build their own motion games to share with their friends. Right now the app is free and we are collaborating with Akl and Wellington council and NZRA to set up free digital playgrounds around the country and make the app available to low decile schools.Here is a blogpost that explains exactly how to download the app and how to play." Melanie Langlotz

If you are a teacher interested in testing and giving feedback contact Melanie