by Ginette Van Praag

Extension and Creative Classes

We offer classes that extend learners in Maths, Life Skills, Web Design and Visual Art. We welcome your ideas for other programmes we can run.

Extension Maths

This challenging programme uses word problems to build learner capacity with problem solving, analytical reasoning and abstraction. Learners should be working at Level 4+.

Maths Booster is aimed at students who are not ready to participate in the extension level class but are aiming to improve their maths skills. NZC L3

Number Phenomena is a wider exploration of interesting Maths concepts - exponents, infinity, number systems, bases etc 

Extension Maths Programme Overviews

Future Planning - Life Skills

Students will investigate financial literacy through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for the future but inspire them now!  

Future Planning Curriculum Overview

Logo Design

Could you be a logo designer? A successful logo designer needs to be able to see further than what ‘looks pretty’. They explore how to give meaning to logo designs so they project what a company is about to their potential customers.

For more information see programme overview here

Investing in the Stock Market

Students investigate the stock market through a variety of authentic tasks that prepare them for possible investment decisions in the future! After learning the basics students access tools to invest pretend money but in real companies.

See the full programme overview here

Visual Art 

Students will experience Visual Art through a variety of hands-on tasks using different media and techniques like drawing, painting and digital, as they engage in activities, quizzes, and videos to learn about artists/art concepts. The lessons will be based on themes, such as ‘Portrait’, ‘Animals’ and on student input. We will also explore ‘online creative tools’!

The lessons are based on the NZ Curriculum for Visual Art and students will gradually build up a rich repertoire of ‘Art Language’ and practical knowledge.

Visual Art Programme Overview

Web Design

Students will try their hand at web design through learning, then applying, the principles of web design. Authentic design tasks help students to understand how they can develop successful sites on a number of web design platforms such as Google Sites and Wix.

Web Design Programme Overview