Olivia Graham & Melanie Matthews present at ULearn17 by Rachel Whalley

How Does the VLN Primary Work?

New to us or just looking for a refresher? Here you will find all the essential information you need about how we work.

Our main document is our Protocols of Participation which details our costs and what is necessary for supporting your students to be successful online learners. Please read this carefully before signing up.

Our Teaching and Learning Structure

Our teaching time is broken down into two Semester blocks.  Semester 1 classes run for a duration of approximately 15 weeks beginning in Term 1, Week 5 and ending in line with the end of Term 2.  Semester 2 classes run from the start of Term 3 to midway through Term 4.  

As all our classes are structured in Semester blocks your learners are welcome to try different subjects on a rotation. 

Most classes are aimed at the Y6 - 8 age group. Younger children are welcome to participate but will need closer supervision and support by their home schools.

We usually work with small groups of students from each school and our average class size is 12 students from 3 to 4 schools. We can also tailor programmes to whole classes. 

The Technology

Our online classes run for 30 minutes in real time, once a week through ZOOM web conferencing software.  ZOOM is a reliable and high quality platform and works with all devices. 

We also use Google Classrooms to provide 'always on' support for independent study between classes.

Taster sessions - give us a go!

If you would like to experience an online class, you are welcome to join us for a taster session where we walk though our eLearning tools with you and your learners.   This is a great opportunity to find out what we do and to see first-hand how VLNP might fit into your school's learning programme.  Email us to organise yours today.

Essential Documents: 

Contact us today with any questions or queries: primary@vln.school.nz or visit our website