Kiwitea Students Korean Cultural Day Nov 2017, Sunny Yang VLNP teacherpermission to use from Nicki Fielder, Kiwitea Principal by Ginette Van Praag

Korean Language and Culture

Join our free* Korean online taster classes supported by the Korean Education Centre (KEC). Find out how your students can participate & take advantage of this offer.

We  are offering free* 5 week Korean taster classes for schools who wish to learn the basics of Korean language and culture.
 The KEC teaching fund enables us to provide discounted registrations for learners in our full semester programmes. 

This is a great opportunity to develop your students cultural understanding of one of our important Asian neighbours AND get involved with learning online with the VLN Primary.

In 2017 our Korean teachers took part in Korean International Conference, and the chairperson of our leadership team went to Korea on a study tour. We also support global collaborations with Korean schools through the Over the Back Fence Project. You can read more about our Korean experiences here.

If schools have learners that are interested in Korean online, either a full semester (15 weeks) programme or just a 5 week Taster programme, please get in touch.

All NZ children of any age are welcome to participate. Our programmes cover NZ curriculum L1/2.

If you have any questions please contact: Rachel Whalley ePrincipal, VLN Primary 

*Subject to available numbers.