Online teaching and learning becomes more visible using this platform by Sofie Jacobs

Using Google Classrooms to support student learning

This year some of our eTeachers have been using Google Classrooms to share activities and resources with students and as a tool to collate and evaluate student work. eTeacher, Sofie Jacobs, shares her experiences so far.

Google Classroom is a versatile, flexible platform to work with. From a teacher's perspective it is really handy to be able to post an assignment and attach slides, web links, videos to that same post. For example you can post an assignment such as ‘make a comic in French’. Then you attach, to that same post, slides with language content the students can use, links to online free comic builders and websites to help with pronunciation.

Eventually the students can then upload their work to this same post. This results in having resources and student work all in one place. Next thing we do is look at the work in class together, students can present their work and we discuss and exchange ideas.

From a student's perspective I noticed that some initially struggle a little bit with Google Classroom. Once they understand and experience for themselves how it works, and how it links in so well with the other Google Drive tools, they find it easy to use and are quite excited about what they can produce and achieve.

In my experience the students are making more use of the web links, videos during their individual learning time and they are handing in work faster and more frequently then with other methods that I have used in the past.

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