Wairakei french classes with Sofie by Olivia Graham

Top 10 Tips for supporting your online learners

Learning online with the VLN Primary is a partnership with participating schools; between school principals, classroom teachers, online teachers, school learning support people and whānau. We all have a part to play to ensure our learners are well supported. Here’s our top ten tips for supporting our learners:

Getting started

  1. New online learners see our Student Intro and Connecting online support to VLN to learn about how we can work together and use tools such as Zoom and Google Classroom or Seesaw via support@vln.school.nz

  2. Setup a space that’s quiet with a big screen (webcam and mic for bigger groups). Connect with your students’ eTeacher to share helpful info and so our eTeacher can invite you to the Google Classroom/ Seesaw learning resources (Contact support@vln.school.nz for help to join.)

  3. Test your connection using Zoom test.

    First sessions

  4. Support new students to remember their class timetable and if they need help see Connecting to class.

  5. Supervise new students during online classes and support them to make the most of their online learning time, and to complete independent learning activities in Google Classroom or Seesaw.


  6. Ongoing supervision is needed especially for whole classes and less independent learners.

  7. Join Google Classroom or Seesaw for your students classes regularly to see resources, assigned learning activities. 

  8. Allocate follow up time - in addition to the class time - please encourage 30 minutes independent work.

  9. Absences please email your eTeacher or complete an absence form

  10. Feedback We encourage students and staff to complete regular surveys and we welcome school feedback. Contact support@vln.school.nz if your students or you need online learning support.