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From the Student Leaders

Olivia Bayne —

Wowwee the last day of Term 2! We have already made it halfway through the year, how crazy. What an amazing term we have had: jam-packed with school work and internals and such awesome school events. We are excited about what the rest of the year has to offer, so let's get amongst it and make the most of all the opportunities.

House Singing

The much-awaited Dio annual House Singing was held on Friday, July 1st. This was held at our school chapel and was a day filled with energy and enthusiasm from all students. Congratulations to all of the category winners and the amazing Blake House for taking out the title for 2022. Thank you to the incredible staff who made this event possible in its awesome modified way this year. It was so great to see everyone so happy and enjoying themselves at what will be the last House Singing for Year 13 students.

40 Hour Famine

Over the first weekend of July, some incredible students participate in the World Vision 40 Hour Famine. This year, the students were fundraising for children in third-world countries who do not have access to clean water. As a school, we had a goal of $10,000 but this has already been exceeded.  We are doing such an amazing thing for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. 

Image by: Dio Communications

Prefects vs St Paul's Collegiate Netball Game

On June 27, our Dio prefects headed over to St Paul's to partake in the Dio vs St Paul's prefect netball game - which was hilarious for both the players and the supporters. It was so awesome to get the opportunity to play against (as friends) these fabulous people. Unfortunately, Dio took a loss at this event, but the score certainly did not dial down our spirits. We kept playing our best right until the final second!

Image by: Dio Communications

Prefects vs Hamilton Boys' High School Netball Game

This week's annual Dio Prefects vs Hamilton Boys' High School Netball game often resembled a rugby line out with some spectacular jumping and lifting. It's always a highlight of our year. Thanks for coming, guys!

Image by: Dio Communications

Dio Ball

By the time this hits your inbox, the much-awaited Dio Ball will be over and we'll be desperately trying to remove the fake tan from our dresses, mending broken nails and nursing swollen feet after a night of dancing.  This event is very exciting for those in our senior school, as it is a night where the students get to dress up and get all glam and have a great night filled with lots of dancing and many photos with their friends. Thank you to Head of Events Cindy Standford and the Events Council for organising such an amazing night.

Have a great term break.

Liv and Cooper xx